Systems thinking for DesignOps

If DesignOps is about designing processes and defining transformative strategies, it is important to apply a Systems Thinking approach to ensure the strategy delivers on the expectations and does not move inefficiencies across the organisation. Systems Thinking is a holistic critical thinking approach that focuses on the analysis of the relationships between the system’s partsContinue reading “Systems thinking for DesignOps”

Adding change management to your DesignOps’ strategy

DesignOps is a transformative function that focuses on the very heart of the teams’ operative system. For this reason, a participative approach to change management is key to ensure success and impact. Yet, the importance of change management as a core skill is still often overlooked. A successful DesignOps initiative is a transformational act thatContinue reading “Adding change management to your DesignOps’ strategy”

From T-shaped to π-shaped designer

The role of designers is changing and new approaches are needed to foster a mindset that can support them to become more impact-focused and a key strategic partner. How can DesignOps help driving Designers’ transformation to maximise results and influence? Design has gone a long way in the past 10 years thanks to the riseContinue reading “From T-shaped to π-shaped designer”