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Digital Explorations

From Digital inclusion to DesignOps

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A collection of DesignOps Resources: slides, podcasts, videos, and articles. This is the living session of the site, hosting drafts and materials that document the thinking and overall approach to DesignOps and the need for more systemic and participative approaches to design management.

These are the most recent experiments and represent the latest thinking from 2019.

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Legoviews & Digital transformation

All about co-creation, organisational theory, collaboration, team building, customer experience and digital transformation. Many early experiment use LEGO Serious play as a creative approach and the material include LSP based interviews ( called LegoViews) with artists and activists. The Legoview website presents the ultimate collection.

A collection of articles, experiments, and explorations between 2013-2018

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Digital Inclusion & Co.

The beginning of the explorations were truly a 360 journey in web accessibility, usability, digital inclusion, and a strong focus on the origins of the information society. These explorations emerged from conversations at Webbit with today’s Italian digital leaders. The latest work is about data management and quality, as the result of my PhD work.

An early collection of historical materials dated between 2002 – 2012. Most books and ebooks are in Italian.

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