Screen shot 2013-06-08 at 16.28.26Part of what I do, is writing.

I write my ideas, i reflect and share my experiences and thoughts.

I have been working as freelance journalist and author for 10+ years, writing articles, books, ebooks and papers on a wide range of topics, which include:

Inclusion & Digital Divide: since early 2000, my focus has been on e-inclusion. If Sir Barners-Lee was right, and the power of internet lied in its universality, I saw a huge potential in the medium to overcome social and physical barriers and have seen Accessibility and e-inclusion as the key for a democratic information society. Read >>

LegoInterviews: This is a technique I have developed starting from LEGO SERIOUS PLAY, a facilitation method that employs LEGO bricks to enhance reflection, meaning making and creativity. The interviews focus on social and political aspects, including the Occupy movement, Palestine and Israel… And cultural and artistic topic,where artists and architects are asked about the key concepts of Art, Colour, Heritage… Read >>

Journalism: since Nov. 2011 I publish articles on the London Progressive Journal whether facts and events strike and needs for reflection. Topics include the Occupy movement and interviews. Read >>

Organisations: a part of my recent reflection is about the role of organisations and how people in organisations relates and collaborate. Human interactions, relations, collaboration… these all are key elements that can dramatically change the perception of organisations, roles and work. Read >>

Privacy & Data Quality: In the years spent in London, I focused with my research on the connection between privacy and data quality. My research goal was to understand whether there was a relation between organisation’s privacy and data quality policies and practices and how these two key strategic concepts were related – or not – and how they were referred to when it comes to handling large amount of personal data belonging to data subjects ranging from Citizens, Patients and Customers. Read >>

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