LPJ Articles & pics

The articles and photos that I have published on the London progressive journal, even if belonging to the Legoviews’ series, are exclusives for the LPJ and include parts which have been omitted on the LegoViews.com website. Patrizia’s archive on the London Progressive Journal is available here http://londonprogressivejournal.com/user/view/899
  • Control through fear: Milena Kaneva on information by Patrizia BertiniMon 19th Aug 2013 Jounalist and LSP expert Patrizia Bertini interviews film director Milena Kaneva … [read more]
  • Everything is information, you have to choose. An interview with Jean-Philippe Tremblay by Patrizia Bertini Mon 22nd Jul 2013Patrizia Bertini interviews Canadian film director Jean-Philippe Tremblay using the Lego Serious Play (LSP) method…[read more]
  • The Italian crisis and the wait for Godot by Patrizia BertiniFri 12th Jul 2013 A crisis is a crucial point, a turning point, a situation that demands change or reaction in order to resolve the situation… [read more]
  • Italy: an economy based on free Labour by Patrizia BertiniTue 2nd Jul 2013. A leading phenomenon of the Italian job market is the ability of employers to rely on an abundant supply of free labour. Patrizia Bertini explains… [read more]
  • Slavko Martinov: The antidote to Propaganda? Question everything!  by Patrizia Bertini Mon 24th Jun 2013 Patrizia Bertini conducts an exclusive interview with film producer Slavko Martinov…[read more]
  • “Palestine’s existence depends on respect and on our children” – Dr Rauf Azar (Director of the Beit Sahour medical centre) by Patrizia Bertini Sat 25th May 2013 Patrizia Bertini interviews Rauf Azar, a Palestinian doctor, using the pioneering Lego Serious Play technique… [read more]
  • The soft colonialism’s obsession: an interview with Adam Levick  by Patrizia BertiniTue 29th May 2012 Adam Levick has been the managing director of CIF Watch since July 2010. He was born in Philadelphia and moved to Israel in 2009, Patrizia Bertini speaks to him through a ‘Lego interview’….[read more]
  • Michel Warshawski: walls and democracy  by Patrizia Bertini Mon 12th Mar 2012 Legoviews are interviews based on ‘Lego Serious Play’ methodology, in this EXCLUSIVE interview with Michel Warschawski, Patrizia Bertini uses the world famous Lego bricks – to find her interviewee’s answers to tough questions. By involving a creative manual activity, it is thought to engage different areas of the brain and reveal concepts and ideas which might not emerge otherwise….[read more]
  • Light and fluid warriors  by Patrizia Bertini Thu 29th Dec 2011 In the second of her interviews using the ‘Lego Serious Play’ method, Patrizia Bertini meets Ollie, a young occupier at the OccupyLSX camp… [read more]
  • Goodbye yellow brick road!  by Patrizia Bertini Wed 14th Dec 2011 In the first of her interviews using the novel ‘Lego Serious Play’ method, Patrizia Bertini speaks to one of the occupiers at the OccupyLSX camp…. [read more]
  • Occupy Italy: the missing country and the missed opportunity by Patrizia Bertini Fri 11th Nov 2011 Patrizia Bertini comments on the slow beginnings of the Occupy Italy movement but notes that in recent days events have been picking up pace…[read more]
  • Photos from Occupy London by Patrizia Bertini Patrizia Bertini presents us with a series of photographs from the Occupy London protests…. [read more]

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