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I am used to give speeches and talks and I enjoy engaging in discussions and conversations with participants.

Most of my older speeches are somehow lost, or in Italian, but the most recent speeches can be found on Slideshare and here.

  • Lego Serious Play: How to think innovatively WITH the Customer

Customer experience is gaining a huge attention by the business: organisations are getting aware that the next real competitive advantage is in the experiences they offer to their customers. But not all organisations are getting this right, and while increasing their investments in marketing technologies, they still underestimate the power of engaging customers and talking with them. It’s a huge paradigm shift that requires organisations to face the customers and ask for their help in understanding what is missing or what are the next opportunities to be explored to create memorable experiences.
[Presented at CX Day, 6th October 2015, Windsor, UK]

  • Lego Serious Play : Enhancing collaboration

What are the key values and aspects of Lego Serious Play that can support and help the Agile community?
What makes Lego Serious Play a tool that an Agile practitioner can take and apply in their everyday’s practice?
Thoughts, reflections, and inspiration for the Agile community. Presented at AgileCymry15

  • LEGO Serious Play: bringing creative collaboration in UX

Presented on March 25th at MEX15

We live in an Experience Economy, where the value of a product or service is determined by users’ experience with the product and the service.
The value is not created by the organisation anymore, and the value of a product and experience has little to do with the economic value of the object: the value is created by the interaction of the user with the product and service. 

Not engaging with the users and not taking into consideration the user as key element that influences and determines the value of a product or a service is a risk none can afford in today conversation based and hyper-connected society. Understanding and engaging with the users is today’s the key differentiator – insights and observations from the users are today a valuable asset for any organisation.

There are countless ways to engage with customers and users, but in a truly experience economy style, experiencing the value creation in a collaborative and conversation based approach may lead to meaningful and interesting insights.

  • Co-creation & User Experience

Presented on July 15th at LadiesThatUX – London

There has been a divorce between users and organisations and today’s UX practice risks to miss some key points. We are not designing anymore for needs, but for values and meanings which can only be revealed through participative activities where users, designers and stakeholders have the opportunity to collaboratively construct and shape innovation.
Co-creation can be extremely beneficial to UX as can complete its approach by giving vision, engaging users in conversations – because “markets are conversations”.

  • LEGO SERIOUS PLAY: Imagination & Creativity for the Business

Lego Serious Play is a creative, imaginative and story-telling based approach that since 2002 has been successfully adopted by businesses ad organisations all around the world.
LSP has proved to be an effective solution for team building, strategy, co-creation, concept, conflict resolution…
And its efficacy can be tracked back to the key theories that have been included in the development and formalisation of LSP: from management, Psychology of play, Imagination, Embodied cognition, Metaphors, constructionism… They are all perfectly integrated in the Lego Serious Play experience and deliver unexpected results efficiently. This presentation tells who adopted this approach and the whys.

  • LegoViews: a LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY™ based interviewing technique.

Presented at the Annual LSP facilitator meeting in Billund (DK). April 2013

LegoViews is an innovative journalistic interviewing technique developed by Patrizia Bertini, Certified LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY™ facilitator. Starting from the theoretical framework of LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY™, the LegoView technique allows new ideas and new concepts to emerge, providing original and new insights about the topics at hand. The Lego-interviewing technique has been tested in highly sensitive contexts, including Palestine, Israel and the Occupy LSX movement, and it has also been used to provide new insights on specific concepts, like art, creativity, colour and architecture by involving artists, architects, professionals and thinkers.
The presentation was given during the LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY™ Certified facilitators’ Annual Meeting in Billund (Denmark) on April 7th 2013.
The presentations draws from LSP workshops’ and Lego-interviews’ experiences to present similarities and differences and to highlight the high potential of a creative and constructive approach both to elicit new meanings and perspectives and to create new meanings. A final comparison between LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY™ and LegoViews completes the presentation, summarising more than 3 years’ work and research in the field.

  • Focus groups, meaning making and data quality
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