The following list, is meant to provide an overview on my professional skills and topics that can frame my professional profile. I am available both to teach and offer support to projects dealing with the following topics:

e-Inclusion Accessibility & Usability PrivacyData Quality | ResearchProject & Content Management | EC Proposal writing & support


  • e-inclusion and digital divide;
  • E-government and e-democracy;
  • International laws and regulations.

Accessibility & Usability [UX Research]

  • Accessibility as a pragmatic answer to economic and social needs;
  • Web and mobile technologies’ Accessibility: W3C, WCAG 1.0, WCAG2.0, Section 508, Section 255;
  • DTV accessibility: European laws and business models;
  • International laws and regulations;
  • Disability: WHO definitions and regulations;
  • Assistive technologies;
  • Reduced dictionary and linguistic analysis for readability and text usability;
  • Accessibility from design to development: techniques and technologies for web, DTV and mobile applications;
  • Testing accessibility and evaluating usability:
  1. Code validation,
  2. automatic tests,
  3. heuristic analysis,
  4. usability testing,
  5. contextual inquiry,
  6. persona,
  7. focus groups,
  8. online surveys,
  9. remote usability tests,
  10. scenario,
  11. think aloud,
  12. Hallway testing,
  13. A/B


  • International regulations;
  • The right to be forgotten: the European approach;
  • Data protection, consent and revocation;
  • Surveillance society: political and social implications;
  • Privacy & organisations, policies and practices;
  • Privacy & data subjects and the privacy paradox;
  • Privacy & control;
  • Trust based models;
  • Privacy & information system: sticky policies, data mining and control technologies.

Data Quality

  • Understanding data quality and what quality is;
  • Data, information, knowledge and Wisdom (DIKW);
  • Privacy and Data Quality: a hidden relationship;
  • Trust: a key for quality;
  • Data Quality’s economic and strategic implications;
  • Data Quality: an analysis of data quality dimensions and frameworks;
  • Measuring Data Quality: qualitative and quantitative models;
  • Total Data Quality Management.


  • Research Design;
  • Research Management;
  • Qualitative research methods [Survey, interview, focus groups, ethnography…];
  • Focus groups’ facilitation;
  • Qualitative Data analysis;
  • Creative research methods;

Project & Content Management

  • Project management;
  • Team building;
  • Communication strategies definition;
  • Editorial planning;
  • SEO & Log Analysis;
  • Reputation Analysis;
  • Information Architecture Design;
  • Relation with Clients & Stakeholders;
  • Problem setting and prioritisation of steps;
  • Time management;
  • Motivation;
  • Copywriting for different media;
  • Editorial Staff training and management;
  • Report writing.

EC Proposal writing & support

  • Identification of the appropriate call and funding opportunities;
  • Strategic support to define and to focus the proposal’s vision and targets;
  • Consortium partners’ coordination during the proposal’s discussion and writing phases;
  • ECAS (European Commission Authentication Service) submission and subscription management;
  • Proposals’ preparation and writing support;
  • Partner’s search and identification;
  • Contacts with the European Commission’s Project Officers.
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