Experiences in Communication

Certified LEGO© SERIOUS PLAY™ Facilitator, Researcher and LEGO Interviews inventor Legoviews & B4Bricks.orgApril 2011 – Present London, United Kingdom

Trained and Certified LEGO© SERIOUS PLAY™ facilitator, I design and run LSP workshops for organisations and educational institutions, designing experiences according to the specific needs of each case.  From the Original LEGO© SERIOUS PLAY™ method, I have derived two specific applications: LegoViews and a maieutic/socratic approach for University students.  LegoViews are Interviews made using LEGO bricks changing the underlying cognitive preocess of a question/answer based interviewg process [www.legoviews.com]: it is an innovative investigative method which delves into reality through the use of LEGO bricks.  It’s based on constructionist theories and it’s based on LEGO© SERIOUS PLAY™methodology.  From the initial intuition in 2009 up to today, LegoViews as a methodology and I, engaged in a constant experimentation, ranging from academic research to investigative journalism, TV and education.   Recently, I have been experimenting new approaches to education at University level using the LSP dynamics to turn students into ‘Active learners’ and enhance their critical thinking, with amazing results.

Freelance Journalist  2002 – Present. Italy – UK

Have been working as a freelance journalist for various Italian online magazines, including Apogeonline, Punto Informatico, FullPress, FullTravel, Advertiser. Main area of interest were social digital inclusion, e-accessibility, the development of a democratic information society. Most articles, in Italian, are available on my website.  Recently have started writing in English and developing my own interview technique using Lego Serious Play [seehttp://www.legoviews.com and focusing on social and political issues.  Articles and photos are being published in the London Progressive Journal.

Executive at D’Antona&Partners September 2008 – March 2009. Milan Area, Italy

Main activities included: – Support for IT clients; – Press releases’ review and editing; – Promotion of IT related initiatives and contacts with media and journalists.

 EU project manager at Testaluna March 2005 – January 2006. Milan Area, Italy
Main responsibility focused on EC funded projects’ writing and management. Activities included: – Identification of appropriate Calls within the different EC frameworks; – Identification of European partners to involve; – Partners’ coordination during the proposals’ editing and preparation; – Proposals’ writing, editing and submission; – Contact with NCP and EC Project officers.

Online communication consultant / Content Manager at Promos – Chamber of Commerce September 2001 – December 2002. Milan Area, Italy

Main activities: managing and coordinating the new website’s project, including the CMS beta testing and technical implementations’ supervision. Other activities included definition of communication strategies, editors coordination, online PR, web editing, content management.

Information designer / Web Editor at Eidorama Srl July 2000 – December 2001. Milan Area, Italy

Content designer and Webdeveloper. Activities included: information architecture design for CittaOggiWeb, a local daily newspaper’s portal, news editing, content management and editorial advices. Other activities include web-design using Macromedia Flash technology, copywriting for e-learning products, news editing.

Press agent at Didael January 2001 – July 2001. Milano

Press agent, promoting event, writing press releases, external contacts with media and journalists.

Online communication advisor Milan for Multimedia (Milano per la Multimedialità) January 2000 – July 2000. Milano – Italy

Supporting schools and institution to implement usability and good practices in their websites’ development. Press agent support – writing press releases, contacts with media and journalist, attending events and promoting the initiative.

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