Screen shot 2013-06-08 at 16.22.59I have been working since January 2000 (download CV): my first work was about Advising Schools and Education institutions on how to improve their online communication. Ever since I have started my professional journey, which is made by experimentations, testing, changing and my career path can be easily divided in three main topics:

Accessibility & e-Inclusion: The first time I heard the term Accessibility was when I was in US in 2001 and the Section 508 come to media attention. I found the concept of a truly democratic  and inclusive information society a key concept and decided to learn more and get involved and support people with any kind of difficulties, ranging from the technology they use, their access devices, connection, impairments and needs, to access information. As soon as I was back in Italy, I engaged and created the community dealing with e-accessibility founding the first Italian initiative in 2002 – WebAccessibilile.org – and then engaging in professional activities as consultant, auditor and expert in e-accessibility, e- inclusion, digital divide, assistive technologies, disabled users, elderly users, foreign users… Ever since I have kept e-inclusion one of my goals and missions and since 2006 I collaborate with the EC on the evaluation of proposals dealing with social inclusion. Read >>

Communication: The second aspect that characterises my working life, is communication: since my first experience, and because my passion and interest towards writing, I always found myself writing press releases and worked as a press agent and content designer and content manager: I have designed the information architect of various sites, including that of a newspaper, trained the editors on web-writing, was managing one of the portals of Milano Chamber of Commerce from a content and editorial point of view. I enjoy writing and the experiences in communication were a great mix of content design, information architecture and managing positions. Read >>

Research: as a curious person, research is my natural environment and activity. My research activities have been mainly international, focusing on e-democracy, e-government, e-participation, HCI, e-inclusion, User needs, data analysis, user requirements formalisation. In London, my focus turned to Privacy, data quality, social constructivist theories. A special interest in my research is about the methodological aspects, which I am very focused on and find in Methodologies the key for a sound research. My latest research interests focus on constructionism, embodied cognition and creativity. Read >>

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