Links & contact

To know more about myself, you can check for me on various sites and SNS, including:

  • My LinkedIn Profile ~ Here you can read a complete list of my working experiences, articles, books, presentations, associations… If you like, let’s connect!
  • the site is dedicated to everything related to LEGO SERIOUS PLAY: informaiton about the method and the applications.
  • ~ where most of my experiments with LEGO bricks are reported.
  • Academia.Edu ~ this should be the main reference for academics, sometimes I updated it with materials and stuff.
  • @Legoviews ~ Let’s twitt!
  • Photography  ~ A hobby, a passion, a good way to look at the world from different angles and perspectives.
  •! ~ I read a lot, I enjoy discovering new articles, papers and stuff that I think are thought provoking (or funny). So, I like to share: knowledge is made to be shared, isn’t it? So, here’s where I share the most.
  • My profile on

To contact me, you can Skype me [ID: Patrizia.Bertini], or email me at pat.bertini ___@___gmail._com_ or fill the form

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