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A collection of Podcasts and meet ups on Design and DesignOps

Since 2020 a lots of conversations happened around the value of Design and DesignOps.

There are the top recordings.

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In this online event for the Design Leadership Community (DLC), powered by The Bridge, we had the remarkable presence of Jose Coronado, Fabricio Dore and Patrizia Bertini, 3 top design leaders who covered the key insights and trends being faced by managers and heads of design around the world, and discussed how we can generate a greater impact. An event by The Bridge Social.

When teams are growing we are facing new challenges of how to design the org chart in a way that will allow us to quickly evolve the products and create an environment for employees where they can grow. Just hiring more people will not improve our performance. For that kind of purpose, we need to make sure that we have the right system in place with the right org chart and team compositions.At this meetup, we have experts as DesignOps Lead from Intuit and ProductOps from PandaDoc. A Meetup by Xops.Today


What is DesignOps? How do you know if your organization needs it? What does it take to put a DesignOps practice in place? What sort of KPIs are needed to track its impact? We cover all these questions and more in this exciting inaugural episode of 24 Minutes of UX, featuring Patrizia Bertini (DesignOps Lead for Intuit) and Leo Marti (founder of Positive Design and former UX designer at the BBC). Powered by 24MinutesOfUX.

Listen to P/ Bertini and Leo Marti discussing and exploring DesignOps.

Vectorly launches a new series of episodes with Design Leaders.|
Our guest for the new episode is Patrizia Bertini – International DesignOps Lead at Intuit, large fintech company from the US. Pat is experienced in leading E2E Agile cross-disciplinary projects, and guiding multi-national and multidisciplinary teams.  

In this episode, we discussed the implementation of DesignOps in a company, pointed out its impact to the company’s revenue and employees’ personal development. Powered by Vectorly.

Design Metrics with Jehad Affoneh Grow this, Grow that

Vectorly launches a new series of episodes with Design Leaders. Our guest for the new episode is Jehad Affoneh – Chief Design Officer at Splunk, the world's first Data-to-Everything Platform. Jehad is an experienced design and product leader. Before Splunk he used to lead and grow a team of over 250 talented designers, researchers and engineers in 4 countries.  In this episode of our podcast, we have discussed the process of design team assessment, its importance and how design metrics can be aligned with business goals of the company. Jehad has kindly shared his own experience in working with designers and assessing them, also in overcoming certain barriers during the process.  Enjoy listening!
  1. Design Metrics with Jehad Affoneh
  2. Design Mentorship with Rania Svoronou
  3. Organizing DesignOps with Patrizia Bertini
  4. Peter Merholz on Scaling DesignOrgs

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